Casing Soil for Fresh Mushroom Production

Your perfect ally

Our mushroom casing soil is the perfect ally for the grower of the highest quality fresh mushrooms, because its formulation is based on black peat from our own peat bog, that has excellent contents excellent natural characteristics, optimal for this purpose.

With great water retention, with our mushroom casings you can adapt your crops to the highest quality standards, preserving the essential characteristics of the mushrooms longer time after the harvest, such as the colour, consistency and of course, the maximum productivity. Our mushroom casing soil will allow you to achieve more satisfaction even from your most demanding customers.

An exclusive product at your hand.

Infertosa has been working on the peat sector for more than 5 decades, and exploits the largest peat bog in Spain, and one of the largest ones in Europe. That is why Infertosa has a strict control of resources, thus ensuring the quality, homogeneity, hygiene and supply of mushroom casing soil, as well as maintaining sustainable prices and facilitating access to product to all types of mushroom growers.

At all different crops.

We make different mushroom casing soils that adapt perfectly to any type of crop, ether with compost phase II, or phase III, as well as the different supports such as bags, packages, shelves or boxes, or if the crop is traditional or under air-conditioned controlled temperatures.

Excellent results have been obtained in any type of combination, always considering the difficulties or special limitations and characteristics of every crop.

In all formats.

We can provide mushroom casing soil:

  • Bigbags of 2m3, it’s usually the most demanded format for casing soils. Each big bag can cover up to 200-220 packages or about 48-50 m2 of crop. We deliver 20 big bags per truck, or per 20′ containers, with the same quantity: 40 m3.
  • Bulk: we can deliver the product through dump trucks or moving- floor trucks as well. Recommended for larger crops, where 40m2 are covered in a short period of time, or where there is a process for covering boxes, etc.
  • 50 L bags in pallets. This format is used for small farms, where access is limited or for other countries where they do not have mechanization. 
Presentación Unidades
Big Bag 2m3. 20 BB / camión o contenedor 20’
Granel Camión completo (volquete o piso móvil)
Saco 50L 50-55 sacos/pallet