INFERTOSA has developed a new special product for erosion control with hydroseeding machine, which has been widely accepted due to the advantages it provides.

The Anti-erosion blanket “HIDROMANTA INFERTOSA” has been specially created to control the problems of erosion on high slopes and other deteriorated areas where hydroseeding alone is considered insufficient due to lack of soil, steep slopes or other reasons. This makes it especially suitable for clearing civil works and areas of difficult access that would otherwise be unrecoverable.

It is a product to be used directly on the slope, since it contains the stabilizer necessary for steep slopes. The Anti-erosion blanket will form on the ground an “organic blanket” similar to those that are usually used to cover the slopes but with less installation time and economic cost. Once dried, it will favour the formation of soil and the establishment of new vegetation given its high content of organic matter that will end up being incorporated into the soil, becoming part of the feed of the hydroseeded plants.

It is a 99% natural product that is not dangerous for people, does not pollute or harm wildlife.

Composition: wood fiber, straw, stabilizer and exclusive component.

Packaging: sacks of 14 Kg