The LIGHT MIX professional substrate is a very light blended substrate, with a medium structure. It is designed for optimum professional productions, and to guarantee the plant a spongy and airy medium, avoiding caking even during advanced stages of cultivation.

  • Allows an optimum plant root development.
  • Provides to the plant a spongy medium.
  • It works very well with both plant cuttings and seeds.
  • Ideal substrate for indoor cultivation.
  • The structure of this substrate helps a good circulation of air, water and fertilizer, thus favouring the growth of the plant.
  • It contains perlite, increasing the porosity of the substrate and benefitting a better and faster rooting.
  • Both its very light structure and its fertilization, make this substrate the best ally for the crop.

Composition: white peat, Cocopeat & perlite, fertilized with PG Mix 14-16-18


Packaging* Units per Pallet
50L Bag 51
70L Bag 42

*Product for professionals, packaging in simple white bags, with basic data label.