COSMETIC MOOR MUD by MudNatur of Infertosa

From the beginning of the 19th century, peat has been used in spas, especially in Central Europe, for the treatment of various diseases and pain relief.

The COSMETIC MOOR MUD by MudNatur of Infertosa is the PEAT PASTE of Infertosa, a 100% natural product, produced with very decomposed black peat that has been formed during several centuries in the peat bog of Torreblanca, Castellón (Spain).

The therapeutic effects of the peat are based on the combined influence of its antiseptic effect and its active biological components, being of particular importance the organic and humic substances of the peat, which penetrate in the skin purifying it and influencing the enzymatic and hormonal activity. When the peat is applied on the skin, it penetrates between the epidermal cells and causes an ion exchange with the albumin of the skin.

Its rejuvenating effects are attributed to the presence of essential oils, fatty acids and lipoids. These penetrate the skin and correct the pH balance. Its application on the skin stimulates blood circulation, which can be observed by the slightly red color of the skin after washing the treated area.

INFERTOSA extracts its black peat from the deeper layers of the coastal peat bogs of Cabanes, Castellón, where it’s most rich in humic acids. The peat is extracted considering all the environmental, hygienic and quality factors during the extraction and processing. The finest natural fraction of this peat is used to produce the COSMETIC MOOR MUD, a product ready to use, totally organic and natural.

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Presentation Units for distributors Retail sales
Tube 50ml 126 tubes/box or 70 tubes ½ box. You can purchase on our Online Shop all the units that you wish.
Tube 200ml 40 tubes/box.
Pot 500ml 18 pots/box.
Drums 60L (bulk)* From 1 to 5 drums/pallet

Format for spas and professionals.



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